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Top 5 on-page technique to improve Search Ranking

Hey Guys ! welcome to award-wining website Ezranking Blog , today we are going to introduced best on-page factor which is important to drive rank in search engine quickly . we will be discuss Top 6 On-page technique to improve your website ranking in search results. These are very latest #2019 seo-on-page-ranking tips. if you will follow all these technique then you can able to bring your website ranking in search results.

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1. Page Speed :

Page speed of website is important on-page factor of any website. Nowadays google is just focusing on those website which has good website page speed. because google has cleared in their algorithm website speed should be between 2.0-3.0 sec. There are many SEO Experts & Digital marketing experts , they seem that website speed would be good then visitor can see the requirements what he want. if you want , your website came on first page of google, just reduce your website speed. there are many tools where you can also check your website page speed. if you will check by google speed then would good. click here to see your website speed.

Page speed

2. Website Page Design & Layout :

website page design & layout is second major factor or technique which is important to increase website ranking in quickly. Your website design & layout should be very clear and user-friendly. if your website layout & Navigation would be good then user can read more your website pages, and spend more time which is decrease your bounce rate that is good for seo point of view.

3.Unique Content :

Unique Content is bone of any website good visibility on web because if content is unique and latest relevant of the topic then visitor will take interest to read and spend more time on the website. Unique content is main and important factor of search ranking . we can say that unique content like brain that’s always updated with latest knowledge and information.
unique content is key to your site’s overall quality. Content is one of the three pillars of SEO, which means search engines highly value quality offerings.
At the end of the day, you want visibility on a search engine. To get there, a lot of factors come into play — factors unique content can lend itself to. Ranking in select keywords is one way to gain that visibility. Weaving important keywords into a popular piece of content in strategic spots will signal to search engine crawlers that you want your content to be known for those select keywords (more on that later).

Search engines will also shoot you up the rankings if your piece of content is seen as “authority.” This is generally a combination of a few things:

  • Link equity via other sites linking to your content
  • A steady, large number of visits over a long period of time
  • Time visitors spend on page
  • Existing domain-level URL authority on a certain topic

4. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages )

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is a website publishing technology developed by Google as a competitor to Facebook’s Instant Articles. if you are thinking about your website how can you get quickly , Amp pages open fast in mobile because you know 70 % of people are using mobile and searches through mobile. The best things of amp pages , Its open quickly in mobile and this kind of pages got ranked in search engine because New updates of Google, Google wants increase user experience .. Amp Pages is totally basic content and java-script, style free website. we will recommend you that if you want ranking in google kindly make your website pages and blog articles in amp layout that will easy to find ranking in google search results in mobile. You can make your websites in amp technology just you will need one things , Go to google type there amp pages templates , choose your according template then create pages.

5.Page Title :

Your Website or page title is important factor of Search Ranking in google . your website page & blog post tittle should be own unique title and description which included main keywords of that page. For Example , You are going to write a post on “seo ” its important to keep title of your post SEO related like ” What is the seo ” seo marketing like this. because google bot or crawl first title and description of any website. if somone will search related to seo markeitng then better chance to show your blog or page in search results.

These above all are latest 2019 #technique which is important to hike your website keywords ranking in google search engine. we should be aware of all google updates and guidelines then we can do better in Google search marketing and Digital Marketing. Ezranking Blog is alway bring latest technique , information, updates related to Search marketing , ppc marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing. if you want update with latest seo techniques and news then follow our blog post for latest updates.

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